1. Turn the lights down low

A bedroom is a place to unwind, so you want to be able to control the intensity of the room’s lighting as much as possible. Try to avoid overhead lighting as it can be harsh. Table lamps and/or swing arm lamps on either side of you bed can provide a warm and flattering second source of light. Dimmers will help to control lighting as the day progresses and the function of the room changes.

Lulu Powers Bedroom from Lonny Dec 2010. The swing arm lamps and picture light around the bed create a beautiful glow around the bed.

2. Create a unique olfactory experience

No one wants their bedroom to smell stale (quelle horreur!). Bedrooms should have a subtle signature scent. Mix candle scents to create a fragrance that is all your own. My favorite combination is Manuel Canovas’ Fleur de Coton with Diptique’s Lilas.

Don’t limit this trick to the master bedroom. When you have guests, create the same experience for them. Since everyone has different taste, guest rooms should have a variety of candle options. The easiest way to do this is with a selection of small votives scattered around the room. Your guests can mix and match scents based on their preference.

The fig candle from Diptique is another favorite. It is floral without being overpowering (aka your boyfriend won't hate it)

3. Color Therapy

The color of your walls has a huge affect on your mood. Choosing a color that inspires tranquility is essential in bedroom decoration. Soft colors create an airy feel, while darker colors have a cozy one. Before committing to a color, test a large patch of it on your wall. Live with the color for a while to see how you respond to it.

In this bedroom by Rita Koning the peach + white floral wallpaper is extremely feminine and calming. To achieve a similar look use Benjamin Moore's Peach Cooler on your walls.

4. Flooring

Create a soft place for your feet to land when you get out of bed. This can be done with carpeting or with smaller rugs placed on either side of your bed. Wood floors can be great, but tend to feel a bit cold in a bedroom.

Blogger Erin Gates of Elements of Style placed a sheepskin rug next to her bed.

5. Curtains

Curtains provide another means of controlling light in the bedroom. Keeping your bedroom dark while you sleep is essential to a good night’s slumber, and as such, curtains are an important investment. While custom curtains can be pricey, there are plenty of affordable ready-made options. The Decophile will be scouting for the best take-and-hang curtains this week. Check back soon for our finds!

This studio's bedroom, by the oh-so-talented Nick Olsen, has an airy vibe which is created by unlined white cotton curtains. The french pleated ruffle down the leading edge of the curtain panels is an elegant detail, and the fabric filters the light beautifully.

6. Bedding

Set a neutral palette with your bed linens that allows you to play with pillows and accessories. If you are on a budget, pillows are the easiest and least expensive way to spruce up your room. Mix textures and patterns to keep thing interesting.

Proper care of your bed linens demonstrates an attention to detail and shows that you care about your home. Iron your sheets weekly, make your bed daily, and sprinkle them with linen powder from time-to-time!

Bedroom by Michael S. Smith with Porthault bed linens.

7. Furniture

If there is space in your bedroom, a chaise longue or day bed is a great addition. It’s also nice to have a vanity table. Nothing feels more feminine than dressing at a beautiful table. While those pieces are not necessities, a headboard and bedside tables are a must. Headboards absorb sound and provide something to lean against. You can use almost anything as a bed side table. In one friend’s house, Louis XVI side chairs flank the bed.  Books are stacked on each, which creates a casual elegance.

Recently there has been a trend of exotically shaped headboards. In this bedroom, designer Katie Ridder used a Moroccan inspired headboard and fabric. The sunburst mirrors on either side of the bed are also a chic addition.